Fishing in Australia: the “No Worries” fishing adventure

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5490€! 5990€

Fishing Before Anything!

The adventure spans over eight days, with a solid five days out on the ocean; five crazy days chasing the biggest trophy fish in the world! Marlin, sailfish, mackerel, tuna, trevally, snapper, you name it; the Cairns coastal waters has them all.

The Great Barrier Reef, along with the tropical climate, has sculpted Cairns into a perfect fishing paradise. The sky is truly the limit for what you can catch. We are able to sail out on the ocean, trolling huge marlins, dropping anchor to catch the king of the reef, or sneaking up on a giant trevally in the shallows; and this is exactly what we will be doing on our fishing adventure!

Holding the course of the charters is our captain, Nick. With twenty years of experience under his belt, Nick and his crew run fishing charters out of Cairns, taking people fishing on a daily basis, and are passionate about their work. As seasoned fishermen will tell you, having the right gear and knowing where to go is already half of the victory. Nick and his crew have comfortable, spacious vessels, allowing each member of the group to enjoy their fishing experience to the fullest. A lunch buffet with fresh grilled fish and ice-cold beer is just one of the many perks on the boat.

Assured Quality

We have been to Cairns many times, met all our partners, and personally assured the quality of all their services.

Award-Winning Services

All of our partners are well-established and recognised service providers. You will find their achievements noted in our travel guide.

Everything Before and After Fishing

We will be accommodated in a tropical villa with all the regular amenities, including a large pool to plunge into to escape the heat and a stunning view overlooking both the treetops and the ocean that is to die for. Our villa also comes with a personal chef who will be daily preparing freshly cooked meals. And to top it all off, we always have a full beer fridge and a refreshing cocktail bar!

So, as you can see, this adventure truly is “No Worries” – there is no time for everyday problems. Let us take care of everything. We have our own Estonian-speaking team on the spot to welcome you and cater for all your needs throughout the adventure. All that is left for you to do is simply enjoy the adventure and reel in the biggest fish of your life!

Cairns, Queensland, Australia

Dates: 17 - 25.10.2021

Price: 5990€ 5490€

Duration: 8 days

On the ocean: 5 days

Size of group: 8 people

Included in the Package

Accommodation : a private and comfortable villa

Catering: 3 meals a day, with snacks and cocktails

Transport: 12-seater bus with a driver

Equipment: 12-meter vessel with a crew, and all the fishing gear you will need

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